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Hi and welcome to my bright and cozy internet home. Thank you for stopping in!


This is a space for you to explore the art and science of mental training for reducing stress and developing a sustainable healthy mind.


The absence of disease does not mean that the mind is well. You can feel and experience life a lot more peacefully and brilliantly than you might right now.


Mindfulness Meditation is a research-based approach to cultivating a

healthy, focused and joyful mind, and therefore, life. 


A mind on Mindfulness celebrates and expresses, moment to moment, and breath by breath, the healthiest of all human emotions: gratitude. 


I invite you on a journey to begin living in astonishment, in fullness, and in awe.


In Japanese this is known as living in the spirit of ikasareteiru, namely,

the insight that we realize we are part of a great life that is being lived within and around us.